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Professional Services

I am committed to providing the highest quality of professional counseling services with concern for the unique needs

    of each client. I strive to treat the whole person by addressing an individual's emotional, physical and spiritual concerns,

while respecting the background and views of each person. I have lived in Europe and traveled widely in Latin America

and Asia working with people from many different backgrounds. This has given me an appreciation for people from all

walks of life and from many cultural backgrounds. 

Services Include


Individual Psychotherapy for Adults


Couples Counseling 


  Family Therapy


Group Therapy & Support


Pre-marital Counseling


Marriage Tune-ups


Educational Seminars



For a description of these services,

click on these links:

Individual & Couples

Families & Groups

Educational Seminars 

Types of Issues Addressed


People come to me for a variety of reasons. Sometimes there is a current situation that feels overwhelming and you want help getting through the difficulty. At other times there may be a long standing negative pattern of emotion or pain that seems to never go away. Often at the root of every need is a relationship that is not working. People call me when they are depressed, worried, facing a loss, losing hope or simply stuck not knowing the next step to take. My specialities include:


 Depression & Anxiety

Loss & Grief

Relationship Difficulties

Life Transition

Self-esteem & Individuation

Spiritual Issues

Cross-cultural Issues

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