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Individual Psychotherapy


Individual Psychotherapy, sometimes referred to as the "talking cure," is a process that allows healing, personal discovery and growth to occur. It is different than ordinary conversation in that both client and therapist are focused on the inner emotional world of the client seeking to understand thoughts, feelings, meanings and motivations. Sometimes the focus is on a current symptom, relationship or difficulty. Other times life history, family influence or past hurts are addressed.


At its root, individual psychotherapy is about self-observation leading to a greater sense of individuation and responsibility for your life and conduct. Being understood by a therapist is therapeutic in itself and helps to reinforce your own awareness. As healing and normal growth steps occur, conflicts are resolved, worry and anxiety diminished, depression relieved and stuck feelings are given new tracks to run on. As you recognize more clearly who you are and what you find meaningful, you will be ready to take on new interests and develop new talents.

Couples Counseling


Couples Counselingfocuses on relationship patterns and how to identify and change roadblocks to closeness and intimacy. In my work with couples, I seek to understand how each person connects and relates to the other. I look at external factors such as communication style, listening skills, empathy and ability to resolve conflict. I also look at internal dynamics and defensive patterns, which may be hindering emotional connection. We each bring our own personality style and past relational history to the present relationship and it is important to understand each other's past as well as present needs, strengths and weaknesses.


I am certified to administer the Prepare-Enrich Inventory to assist with pre-marital preparation and marriage tune-ups. Following the administration of this inventory, I usually plan to meet with a couple for three to five follow-up sessions. To learn about this inventory go to:     

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