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Family Therapy


Family Therapy focuses on any two or more members of a particular family looking not just at the members as individuals, but how the family experience affects them as a whole. The emphasis is to change the family dynamic and not just change the individual. Since most human behavior is interpersonal and interactive, family therapy starts with the premise that problems can best be addressed by helping individual family members change the way they interact with each other.



This type of therapy is particularly suited for problems with children, family conflicts and major family transition. The goal is to build communication and understanding between members of a family, resolve conflicts and help establish appropriate boundaries to aid in the separation/individuation process.

Group Therapy


Group Therapy is a way to expand self understanding and develop social skills in the context of a group of peers. Some groups focus on interpersonal learning and psycho-education. Others offer support, self-help or insight into interpersonal psychodynamics. In a group of peers you can learn that you are not alone in any pain you suffer.


Group therapy can help you learn to express feelings and discover how you come across to others. As you receive feedback from others, you can learn what keeps you from relating effectively and you can try out new ways of relating. A group provides a safe place to form meaningful relationships, share your life and struggles, feel connected to others and have a sense of belonging. 

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